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OnBase Developer

Are you passionate about delivering solutions that make your stakeholder’s environment highly productive and available? If this best describes you and you possess 3+ years of OnBase experience, we can take your career to the next level.

Our client is a high-end consulting boutique that has a growing national OnBase practice. They are looking to add additional OnBase professionals to their team to support their end-clients. The work for their clients is typically done one week on-site, two weeks off-site, then one week on-site, two weeks off-site. We're in the 3rd year of working with this client and the most recent OnBase engagement is in its 24th+ month. We’re supporting their OnBase needs with Developers/ Architects.

Senior Developer is responsible to understand, document and implement technology solutions as specified by IT and executive leadership utilizing technology platforms chosen for technology solutions.


  • Participate in the business analysis for identified projects.

  • Meet with stake holders to draw out requirements

  • Produce requirement and functional specification documents for team signoff.

  • Participate in the training process of solution users.

  • Has a solid understanding of the capabilities of OnBase

  • Is able to translate business requirements into technical execution

  • Is able to impact the overall design and architecture of solutions using OnBase

  • Workflow

  • Workview

  • Document Import Processor (DIP), including several Pre Processors

  • Directory Import Processor

  • Status View

  • RightFax integration Module

  • Report Services

  • Lots of experience with both the App and Web Server (Java, HTML, and ActiveX)

  • Application Enabler, including App Enabler scripting

  • Advanced Capture

  • Barcode Recognition Server

  • Distributed Disk Services (DDS)

  • Disconnected Scanning

  • Full Text Search

  • Unity API (the other APIs as well, but I've focused on the Unity API since its inception)

  • DocPop / FolderPop

  • Email Archive for MS Exchange

  • Office Business Application Integration (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook)

Key Characteristics Qualities and Core Competencies:

  • Initiative: Knowing and doing what needs to be done before being asked to do it
    Responsibility: Knowing and doing what both those in authority and others are expecting of me

  • Determination: Purposing to accomplish the goals I am given in the allotted time regardless of the opposition

  • Enthusiasm: Expressing with my attitude the joy of my heart

  • Truthfulness: Earning future trust by accurately reporting past facts

  • Persuasiveness: Guiding vital truths around another’s mental roadblocks

  • Ability to quickly generate results through others

  • Excellent judgment to respond to challenges facing the sales team

  • Ability to get others to rally around a common goal and create momentum

  • Coach on a daily basis how the game is being played on the field vs. looking at Score Board

  • Stay fully engaged in the day to day running of the business

  • Know to the letter where sales are coming from and where gaps are

  • Ability to attract, recruit and retain high performance sales people

  • Ability to address root issues related to performance, gain buy-in and effect change

  • Ability to gain the respect and buy-in of team members so they execute strategies


  • Qualified candidates will have a level of experience with OnBase to know the potholes to avoid
  • We be able to travel to the client site at a frequency of 50%-75%
  • Workflow
  • eForms
  • Unity Forms
  • API (maybe not MUST HAVE but darn near)...


  • Document/Directory Import processor
  • Barcode Recognition or OCR or both
  • Workview
  • Report Services or BAM or both
  • Integration such as Right Fax
  • This is based on potential benefits and opportunities to provide additional automation or analytics capabilities